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I saved a GIF to my Camera Roll, but it won't animate. What gives? on iOS unfortunately doesn't support GIF animation, but it'll share properly to any app that supports GIFs. You can also choose to save any slide as a video.
I tried sliding my phone like crazy and my slide looks crazy.
Hey, just try one smooth horizontal motion, ya goober.
I made a slide but tapped the wrong subject. Can I change it?
Hell yeah, totally. Tap Edit and select a new focus. Tap around, make something cool.
How do I focus on an object?
Tap to focus the object you're interested in just like any camera app. If you're trying to center an object, consider framing it a little off center before you slide your phone.
How do I make my slides look really cool so that people admire me?
Lots of light is important. Create depth by having different objects at different distances. Slide slow or fast to vary the effect. But really, have you tried being yourself?
I made a slide and it looks fucked up.
Send it to us.
Why won't Slide work on my ancient artifact of a phone?
Slide requires the high-fps camera of newer, non-trash phones. One workaround is to see if your hell device will fit through the grate of the storm drain outside your house.

Shoot 3D photos.

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